Published on: 25/04/2016 - Published By: Hayadar

The Project

Hayadar is a developing project that aims to provide online, as you type, correctly spelled, Latin to Armenian transliteration. For example as you type the word "parev" - Hello in Armenian - Hayadar will convert it to "բարեւ", on the spot.

The project plans to have a set of image / video "How To"s (tutorials) to show users how they can add Armenian Language support to their PCs, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tables & other devices.


The ultimate aim of this project is to make writing Armenian, correctly & in Armenian letters, easier & accessible all over the internet, smart phones, tablets & other devices.


Although still in its early stages, the project has overcome one of the hardest part of transliteration; creating an algorithm to transliterate from Latin to Armenian-lettered words.

Hayadar already has impressive results, and it will get even better by time & use.

At this stage, there is a clear path & a solid plan for development. Here is a short outline of the project.

  • Hayadar.com:  A cross browser, cross OS compatible website that will instantly transliterate Latin charactered words to their Armenian equivalent.
  • Hayadar How To-s: Tutorials that shows the users how to write in Armenian letters on different devise & OSs. (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phones…).
  • Hayadar API:  Integration of the platform on other sites, so their visitors can transliterate directly in the comment (or other) sections of those sites.
  • Hayadar Add-ons: Firefox/Chrome browser add-ons that will let the users use the service directly in their browsers, on any website they want.
  • Hayadar Keyboards:  Developing keyboards for mobile devices with autosuggestion.

If you are interested in sponsoring &/or advertising on Hayadar, don’t hesitate to contact me & I’ll can provide more detailed information about each phase.

Western or Eastern?

Both. The project is launched with Western Armenian on Hayadar.com. Hayatar.com is reserved for Eastern Armenian & I'll start working on it once this version reaches 2nd phase.

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