The Story

The idea of "Hayadar" was born a while back when writing Armenian, in Armenian Letters, was not accessible. I'm talking about the time when the Armenian keyboard wasn't embedded in any operating system & we couldn’t dream about writing in Armenian on our phones.

After many attempts & various discussions with many people specialized in both Tech & Armenian Literature I realized that the idea itself wasn’t that unique, that many attempts were made & failed, and because of the complexity of the Armenian Language, this isn’t feasible.

And then came the “eureka” moment! I came up with a programing logic that made things possible. A “good enough” version was developed, put to test, improved & launched. This was beta

After a short period, it came to my attention that in Diaspora, every region transliterates words differently. Let alone the merged influence of Western & Eastern Armenian.

The algorithm was improved & Hayadar v 1.0 was launched.

Then came Hayadar v1.1 with more improvements & all the words were correctly spelled.

Since then the project got a few & minor updates, mainly new words were dumped into the system.

And now, it is the time for v2!

With more than 200,000 correctly spelled words, I believe Hayadar is in a stage to move to the next phase of the project.

Today, I start working on Hayadar Armenian Keyboard for mobile devices. HAK will transliterate Armenian words as you type in Latin. 

One important & must-have feature of this keyboard will be the ease to switch between Transliterating Armenian, Armenian & your system language. This is critical.

Your support will help make HAK a reality faster.


  • The Idea

    Around 2010

  • "Eureka" Moment

    Late 2012

  • Closed Beta

    April-July 2013

    This is when the social media pages were launched, the domain name was registered & the first, early trial was made public. Watch the Very early trial & Early beta test videos on Youtube

  • is Out as Public Beta

    July 27, 2013

    Finally everyone can test

  • v1

    May 06, 2016 is officially out of public beta, with far better sppe, word-list & features

  • v1.1

    March 2019 v1.1 is out. More improvements & all the words were correctly spelled.

  • v2

    Feb 2022

    Faster & more than 200,000 words

  • Hayadar "How To"s

    Feb 2022

    Videos & Posts on how to add Armenian keyboard to your various devices, the difference between different layouts & so on. Some of the videos is already out.

  • Hayadar Armenian Keyboard

    March 2022

    I'm starting to develop HAK, your support will speed up the process. Exclusive previews, for supporters on Patreon. Follow Hayadar on social media for updates.

  • Hayadar API

    March 2022

    Integration of the platform on other sites, so their visitors can transliterate directly in the comment (or other) sections of those sites.

  • Hayadar Add-ons

    Firefox/Chrome browser add-ons that will let the users use the service directly in their browsers, on any website they want.

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