How To Add Armenian to Windows 10 - Nov 2021 Build 19044

STEP #1:

Click on the Start Button or the Search bar > Type "Language" > Click "Language settings" at the top

STEP #2:

Click on "Add a Language"

STEP #3:

Type "Armenian" at the top > Click on "Հայերեն" > Click on "Next"

STEP #4:

Depending on your internet speed you might need to wait a few seconds or minutes

STEP #5:

* This will install Easter Armenian Language Tools.

** This will change your Windows interface to Armenian.

Choose your settings > Click Install

STEP #6:

Wait a few seconds more.

Choose your settings > Click Install

STEP #7:

Click on "Options" to choose keyboard layout

STEP #8:

By default the Phonetic Keyboard is installed, to add more Click on "Add Keyboard" & choose your prefered keyboard. Click here to check the difference.


Congrats, You have installed Armenian Keyboard on Windows 10.

"Eng" should now appear on the task bar, next to the clock. Click it to check all the available keyboards.

Press Alt+Shift to switch between languages. And if you have chosen more than one keyboard in a language, use Ctrl+Shift to switch between keyboads

You can click on any keyboard, then click "Remove" to remove it from the list. You can always enable it later on.

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