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Over the last decade, a bunch of friends, visitors & Facebook followers have asked me how they can support or help the project.

"Send over any Armenian text" &/or "spread the news on your social media" were my replies almost all of the time. has been a personal project. As a web developer, I was developing it over my spare time.

With Hayadar Armenian Keyboard in sight, your financial support will help me allocate more time to the project & make things go around much faster.

How to Support Hayadar

I have listed a few options here, if you have any other suggestions, please get in touch.


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Hayadar's Patreon comes in 4 tiers. Ishkhan | Իշխան, Kahajarank | Գահաժառանգ, Takouhir | Թագուհի & Arkayits Arka | Արքայից Արքայ

These tiers have perks, think of them as thank you gifts. From stickers to your name on this page, or to being a sponsor (the carousel - changing images - on every page)

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One Time Contribution

If you would like to make a one-time contribution to the project, please get in touch.

Social Media

Like, share, follow, invite & spread awareness about of precence on social media. is active on facebbok, instagram & twitter.

Project Supporters

Arkayits Arka | Արքայից Արքայ

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Takouhi | Թագուհի

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Kahajarank | Գահաժառանգ

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